The art teacher wonders…

-Vasundhara W

My previous job as an Art teacher in a wonderful  school inspired me to write these lines. They will give you a glimpse of what it is like to do Art  with a group of mixed age primary school kids.

(* Teachers are addressed as Aunties here)




What do you do when you have

Kids running here and there

Different classes together

Between six and nine years old somewhere

All excited about the  “art room”

A new, secret place they haven`t been  before.

Its got steps walls doors and pillars

Fun to run and catch and jump even more

Everyone forgot this is art class, not games

Aunties* are left hoarse calling names.


What do you do when you have to make groups

” I don`t get to sit with my friend, that is not fair”

When the cribbing, whining or giggling gets too much

Open the large windows for some fresh air.

A count of five, aunties* finally get to give

Just a few instructions, its listening time.

Bring out your ideas, but in your groups you must stay

They are off again, collecting away

Stones and sticks, leaves and sand.

Paper scissors colours with gluey hands.


What do you do when you have

Creative minds at work, ideas scattered around

The wave quietens down when the focus is found

Dipped in earnestness, shapes textures and patterns emerge

Lines to pictures, the expressions surge.

The art room looks tornado hit

We have messy hands, sticky fingers and laughing fits.

Chaotic colourful noisy and fun- Art like it should be

Calm peaceful quiet and happy- Art like it should be.


What do you do when you have

A brood of myriad vibrant chirping birds

Waiting to fly

Set them free and their colours will paint the sky.



    • Lovely! From chaos to order , from order to frenzy from stillness to creation – the imagery here evokes multiple emotions – if art can’t do that what else can?
      Beautifully expressed – when can I learn under you – even though I’m unlearning every time I meet you 👍🏼

      Liked by 1 person

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