Art Stories

Art Stories

“I don’t know much about art..” is an often heard phrase.

Art is in the images we see all around us every waking moment of our day. But we think we know so little about it. A whole visual world envelops us but we don’t find the time to take a pause and really observe a piece of art.

Join Shruthi (Visual Artist) and Vasundhara (Arts based Therapist) as we take that luxury to have an insightful conversation about some important paintings of the world, observe the connections we make with them, delve a little into their technical aspects and then create our own artwork inspired by the paintings. What you take away is not only a personal piece of art, but also an understanding of how to look at paintings and talk about them as easily as we talk about other forms of expression like film and music.

Art is the oldest form of expression and paintings speak a million words to people who are willing to see, listen, and experience them. They contain a piece of the artist’s soul and they have stories to tell…..

Book your tickets to join the conversation!

Tickets – RS.500

No prior knowledge of the subjects, paintings, artists or art movements is required. All art supplies will be provided at the venue. All you need to carry is an open mind.

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