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The Creative Element is the element we discovered and added to the periodic table. It can be found in the human mind, and is abundant in children. It has always been there, but to extract it and make use of it, all we need is 60 minutes, or an hour of creative activity every week. The Creative Element is a renewable resource that increases with use. Even small amounts of it can make us better at everything we do!


The Team

Shruthi Ramachandra


“I have dabbled in jobs like graphic design, filmmaking, photography, content writing, storyboard art, and teaching. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Art and Masters in Mass Communication. I’ve always been an art teacher; while studying art, I conducted drawing classes for my neighbourhood kids in my living room. Starting my career with content curation, I got intothe teaching profession in 2013, as an art facilitator, and it changed my life. For those few hours of art class every week, I felt like I had a superpower when I was able to bring out the best in children through art. I spent half my time in the outside world learning to survive as a photographer, designer, content writer and a bunch of other things, but found that I was doing my best work in school, surrounded by curious kids bursting with energy. I found myself learning from them more than they were from me

This was taken when we worked together on a huge backdrop in 2015

Vasundhara Wadiyar

Artist and Arts Based Therapist

“I consider myself fortunate because I could bring together two things that I love into the work that I do- Art and Children. I started off as an Art facilitator eight years back. The work taught me a lot about children and education and I enjoyed it immensely. During this time I experimented on how to maintain the natural flow of creativity in a growing child through Process art and simple thoughtful activities. I then did a course in Art Based Therapy and have been freelancing with children, teenagers and adults at various schools and NGOs. My sessions are focused on helping them find their creative side and also providing them an outlet to express themselves and deal with their emotions and struggles. 

A self taught artist I dabble with different mediums to express myself at my own pace and time. I sketch, write, draw, paint, make paper collages, mosaics and take pictures. I also enjoy working with people on community art projects

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