Popular Opinion

More than 75% of the answers indicated that there was no satisfactory art education in school, and if there had been one, it would have made a difference…

“If you are creative your mind remains young.”

“The school curriculums today does focus on creativity but the school mindset has not changed. A kid who is a fabulous dancer would not feel as valued in school as the first rank holder in class”

“Letting the child THINK, is the first step towards creativity.”

“Being creative is so important in every field. Today even the most uninteresting food on the plate can be more appetizing if it is creatively put together?

“Creativity is the amplifier for our skill development. From a surgeon performing a complex surgery to a politician impressing people with his speeches to even a housewife when cooking a tasty dish. So schools should be the starting point where children must feel free to express themselves or taught to express themselves by helping them remove the plug holes of hesitation and fear. Art is one of the major medium in that respect.”

“entire learning process in our schools is 99% theory and 1% practical. Rather, it should have been the other way around.”

“I think it (school curriculum) is designed to kill the creativity of a person and make them consumer.”

“Art as a core subject could have done wonders.”

This subtle implication in school that everything else is more important than the arts and the arts are just a waste of time, is what makes students themselves neglect creativity in life.


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