We sensed that there were gaps. But to get a wider picture we conducted a survey that had questions related to the kind of art education people had received. The aim was to note the amount of creativity needed in various jobs as well as in daily life today, and connect it to the quality and quantity of Art education offered in the current education system. 

The responses came from people across different age groups and students and professionals from a variety of sectors. 

Education | Healthcare  | Engineering  | Management  | Law  | Business   |  Science Design  |  Real estate  |  Finance  | Psychology  |  Media

 They came from a variety of education backgrounds – particularly schooling – from NCERT to State Board schools, ICSE and integrated curriculum to International curriculum.

From the 200 odd people who took the survey this is what we gathered:

50% of them said their jobs required a lot of creativity and original thinking. Nearly 40% said that their jobs require moderate amount of creativity.

Only 22% attributed their creativity to school.

Almost  75%  of the people said schools today lack a good art curriculum  

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